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Prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga can also help you meet and bond with other pregnant women and prepare for the stress of being a new parent.

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. Commonly referred to as “flow” yoga, it is sometimes confused with “power yoga“.

Patanjali Yoga

Yoga means controlling the thought waves in the mind. It is the prevention of the mind from its wanderings, to use common man’s language.
The above definition of Yoga projects three key words Viz.
1, Chitta (mind-stuff)
2. vritti (modifications) and
3. nirodhah (control).

Meditative Yoga

Meditative Yoga brings restful peace to both body and mind, and renewed energy in everyday life. Start tired and end refreshed as body, breath and mind are united in slow, effortless movement. Students of meditative yoga gradually discover new ways of unlocking their inner strength.

Stress free Yoga

Yoga can help reduce stress because it promotes relaxation, which is the natural opposite of stress. Yoga can benefit three aspects of ourselves that are often affected by stress: our body, mind, and breathing. ... Practicing yoga builds your ability to calm, focus, balance, and relax yourself

Pranayama yoga

Pranayama is control of Breath". "Prana" is Breath or vital energy in the body. On subtle levels prana represents the pranic energy responsible for life or life force, and "ayama" means control. So Pranayama is "Control of Breath".

corporate yoga

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, especially in the workplace. Many companies now recognize the value of yoga and are offering classes to their employees as part of their stress reduction and corporate wellness programs during the workday.


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